Fictitious V-Day Party

February 2007 • filed under: , ,
Valentine's Day Invitation, Opened Inside

Opened, Inside

Hip, single, new age people at a sarcastic Valentine’s Day party with free drinks? There something to take advantage of here..

My solution: Half of Valentine’s Day is about chocolate. And half of the reason these people would go to this party is the open bar. So, combine the two.

The card is die-cut in the shape of a Hershey’s kiss, and the reader’s eyes stay at the bottom of the card to finish reading the tag line, “A life without love, is better lived with alcohol.”

It only seemed natural to use a rich brown and variants of pink to really solidify the Valentine’s Day component. The card was printed on a textured, off-white, 60 lb. stock to soften the piercing white you see on the digital version and to reflect that dark and sophisticated atmosphere at The Alley.