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meetu imagine RIT booth setup

Booth Setup

Being immersed with the game and all of its components, we thought it was easy to understand, but explaining how it worked on game day proved to be a different story (you’re probably slightly confused yourself).

We also ran into a last minute production issue with the game cards and consequently could not have them folded, but rather individual. From the start, Dan’s, Mike’s, and my idea was to have the sign up process be as easy and as quick as possible. The previous year used pre-registration, creating a long line at the booth and discouraging interaction. As a result, the game was re-engineered to be all post-registration.

We wanted to hand players a folded up game card that contained everything: instructions, game cards, QR code stickers, and branded name card stickers. With that out the window, players became overwhelmed with how many game pieces we handed to them.