Let’s be honest. Wearing one hat is boring.

  • Strategy

    User Experience • Marketing • Product • Technical

    What’s a product
    without a strategy? What’s a strategy without a plan?

  • Creative

    Web Design • Advertising • Art Direction • Interactive • User Interface

    Doesn’t everything
    deserve to look good?

  • Development

    HTML5 • CSS3 • Javascript • PHP • WordPress • Rails

    Some Favorites:
    jQueryBackbone.js • LoDash • Moment.jsSASS

Work hard Play harder

everyone needs some distraction.
Things I've done
Things I do
  • Ride bicycles, of all kinds
  • Geek out over technology
  • Eat too much. Drink too much.
  • Run, randomly
  • Obsessively compulse
  • Realize that I need more hobbies
Things I want to do
  • A Triathalon
  • Visit New Zealand, Africa, Australia, Japan, China, etc.
  • Augment my vision with bezier curves
  • Sky dive & BASE jump
  • Apply quantum mechanics to my existence
  • Master virtually all extreme sports

Goals in life

I am a self-diagnosed pixel perfectionist with an uncurable knack for creating experiences. My goal in life is to make awesome shit with smart people.

A lot of people can build stuff. But fewer can create things worth using. I love solving real-world problems with technology. And I love helping other people do the same.