Review: ModKat

April and I bought a ModKat back in January. Soon after, I gave in and we adopted a cat. Okay, not really—she convinced me to adopt the cat first. But anyway, after 2+ months of use and answering questions from friends, here are my thoughts:


This was one of the primary reasons we bought the ModKat, because let’s face it—it’s an expensive litter box. We live in a relatively small apartment, so if we were gonna clutter things up, it had to be in style. Upon first opening, we were slightly intimidated by its physical size—we knew it was gonna be bigger, but when you’re switching from a “normal” box, it’s a big upgrade. Mostly because of its height. After about 30 seconds though, the feeling goes away.

The design itself is pretty ingenious. The scooper can be hooked on either side of the hinge to fit in any space you have while keeping the design as clean and minimal as possible. Next is the reusable liner, which is smart because, well.. That just makes sense. The bin itself comes in some sweet (and bright) colors, so it quickly becomes a piece of decor instead of an eyesore.


Simply put, the thing works. The lid is by far the best feature; we went from sweeping the floor of litter almost daily to nearly no mess at all. Every time the cat jumps out of the box, it’s inevitable that he lands on the lid first, filtering the litter from his paws. It also helps that cats can’t kick litter out of the box.

Sidebar—We once found a pile of litter outside of the old litter box because the damn cat (somehow?) MISSED THE ENTIRE LITTER BOX. But at least he had the decency to cover it up..

We got the ModKat when our cat was only 4 months old, so there was literally no break in period—he jumped right in and went about his business.

Overall, I love it. Yeah, it’s expensive, but maintenance is easy and it eases the pain of knowing there’s a bunch of cat poop in your house.

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