Adobe Edge Fonts Previewer, Updated

I’ve been getting a few feature requests for the Edge Fonts Previewer, but between switching jobs and moving across the country, finding time to update it has been minimal. Finally, however, I just added the most requested feature on my flight back to San Francisco: font size adjustment.

I wanted to write/add the fewest lines of code possible, so I went the input[type=”range”] route, which made implementation extremely simple. No jQuery slider or equivalent to implement, so that alone cut down on large amounts of javascript. The trade off is that it basically just doesn’t work in Firefox. Oh well. Since the input field just falls back to a text field, you can technically just type a valid number and it will still function; just no fancy slider.

So, slide away!

Update: I added an input[type=”range”] polyfill, so the range slider does now work in Firefox.

Edge Font Previewer Github Repo

4 Responses to Adobe Edge Fonts Previewer, Updated

  1. Hello. I just wanted to say, hats off to you. I recently discovered Adobe Edge Fonts and almost immediately realized the shortcomings of their preview mechanism, or lack there of. Not being able to see the fonts until you actually choose one from the drop down is very inefficient. I was very surprised that Adobe had missed the boat on this, unless of course it was planned by design. In which case I’m not sure I could figure out why. Anyways, just wanted to let you know that your work does not go unnoticed and that it is very much appreciated.


    • Tony Stuck says:

      Thanks Larry! I, too, was confused by Adobe’s lack of preview functionality. My best guess is that it was a quick project (especially since it’s a free service) and got rushed through, so that didn’t make it. And since many of the fonts are available via Google Web Fonts as well, it may have gotten brushed off as unnecessary.

  2. Dan says:

    Great work on the preview tool. Is it possible to add a dropdown menu or some way to pick a category of stye? eg sans serif, serif, script etc.

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