Bullet & Bag Sketch

October 2004 • filed under:
Bullet and Bag Sketch

Bullet and Bag Sketch

Most of my drawings were done when I had the free time to draw back in high school. I can’t say for sure where the inspiration for this sketch came from, but it was likely a mix of perusing the Internetz and the music video Freak on a Leash by Korn (for those who know, yeah.. that long ago). “FEAR” is written on the bag, so you may interpret that how you wish.

I don’t have a professional scanner, so this is only an edited picture in an attempt to pull out some of the detail. It looks better in person.

Like my other drawings, my techniques were pretty rudimentary. I used a 2H pencil, an eraser, and my fingers on 12″x18″ watercolor paper (that’s all I had).