Dynamite Mine

February 2007 • filed under: ,
Murder By Death - Dynamite Mine

Dynamite Mine

As one of my final projects for my design class, we were given the assignment of visually representing a song by creating a 12″x18″ poster. So, being a lover of music, I had multiple songs I wanted to visually interpret. Murder By Death – Dynamite Mine was one of those songs.

I took a snippet of the chorus I get caught in my head and ran with it. The song has a slow tempo and thus I kept the text elements smaller, closer, and subtle.

My tree drawing from years ago was used as inspiration for this piece, so I used my drawing tablet and Photoshop to sketch out dead, western-style tree trunk. I built up on the scratchy style and felt that it suited the song (and album) because of the imagery that was created in my head when listening to them. I added the leaf falling to the ground to balance the composition and give a point of focus.

I had a little trouble with the background. I wasn’t sure how to execute it. I wanted it to look dusty, reinforcing the “blast,” while keeping the overall scratchy style. It didn’t turn out exactly how I imagined.