Frog & Spider

May 2005 • filed under:
frog and spider retouched


Caught these bad boys up at my pool deck. I won’t lie to you though, this was slightly staged. The toad was simply hanging out, having a grand ol’ time minding his own business, and as you can see, he really didn’t want to move.

I snapped a few photos of him, saw a big spider on the solar cover, so I scooped him up (with a net of course) and placed him next to the toad. Surprisingly, neither of them wanted to move, so I finagled the spider’s arms and hit the shutter. Success.

This was shot with a Canon 20D and edited in Adobe Photoshop. Levels, curves, dodge/burn, unsharp mask, clone stamp, crop, etc. View the next image to see the original.