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meshirt Book Cover

meshirt Book Cover

This project was done during my last year at RIT. The assignment was to concept and develop a learning tool that would help grade schoolers learn about the publishing industry. My team, consisting of Mike Morisco, Dan Casazza, and myself decided to focus on middle schoolers.

We initially had some trouble thinking of an appropriate topic to teach this group of kids, when one of us thought of a simple screen printing example. We took it further to have them make their own t-shirts, thus meshirt was born.

The idea developed down to the details of quoting prices for the necessary materials a classroom would need to complete the project. The project on the right is the guide/instruction booklet every child would get, though we also had an instruction booklet for the teacher to successfully teach the assignment.

I was in charge of the overall design, including the cover, typography, and basic page layout. Geoff Thorpe, a good friend of ours, helped us out by doing the illustration work. Credit is due to Dan Casazza for developing the meshirt name, and Mike Morisco for managing the prepess operations. Everyone had a hand in every aspect of this project, especially developing the overall concept and instruction process, though each of us took on general responsibilities.

View the full book here: meshirt PDF