The Melting Little Girl

December 2004 • filed under:
Melting Little Girl Sketch

Melting Little Girl Sketch

I don’t even know where to start… aaaaah? A little creepy, yes? This was during my fascination with The Ring (though for the record, The Ring 2 and 3 sucked).

I searched Google images for weeks trying to find a suitable image of a little girl that I could use as reference for drawing this. The closest I could get was one cut off at the hips, so below the waist I had to create myself. I don’t pride myself on or enjoy drawing human figures. I’ve never had the knack for it. But tell me to make them melt, and I’ll try my hardest!

Looking back, I also think I ruined the image with the big creepy face. It’s not a very good face, and a simple balloon (maybe with a twist) would have given the image more appeal.

Like my other drawings, my techniques were pretty rudimentary. I used a 2H pencil, an eraser, and my fingers on 12″x18″ watercolor paper (that’s all I had).